#SOMOSFAMILIA | Collaboration with TSF Español

We recently collaborated with the team at TSF Español El Santuario on the “#SOMOSFAMILIA” T-shirt. Portion of proceeds go towards shipping #CajitasdeAmor and to raise funds for TSF Español.

“At TSF Español we explore what it means to be family. As a family we care for each other. We are not okay until all of our family is okay.” #SOMOSFAMILIA is a phrase/mantra that TSF Español aims to follow as they minister to their congregation and their community.

With your purchase of a T-shirt, UNYC will donate a percentage to help with costs of #CajitasdeAmor and towards helping TSF Español with other special projects.

Order your shirt today at our store.

We are family! #SomosFamilia #UNYC #tsfesp